Techpal has enjoyed huge success over the last nearly 20 years. However times change and so does the way of doing business. The Gupta Consulting brand has now been on the scene for five years. We think it is now time to bring all of our techpal portfolio of services under this newer brand.

Why the change, Why now?
Should you be curious, here are some answers
The Gupta Consulting brand was a way to distinguish between our Tech/Daylite services and our Project Management & Business Consulting services. As one might imagine, it is never easy managing a single brand let alone two, especially when you are small enterprise. Over the last five years, we determined that providing similar services with two brands, resulted in duplication of effort. Merging the techpal brand into the Gupta Consulting brand allows us to streamline our workflow and focus on the business of the business and not managing & maintaining two individual brands. Since we are the team behind both, it simply makes it easier for our clients and indeed ourselves to streamline things.
It is our hope that you will understand our need & desire to do this. In the coming weeks the website will be merged and communication will start to originate from Gupta Consulting for all our techpal clients. While this may sound like a major shift, please be assured that it is a change in name only. However, should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out by calling or emailing.
Let's take this opportunity to create even bigger and better solutions for you, our clients.
Thank You
Atul Gupta
Gupta Consulting