Before we can solve anything, we need to understand what the jobs to be done are. It is easy to state one's problem at a particular moment, but it is another thing to look at the same problem through a critical lens. The ability to identify, dissect & understand the problem is crucial.
How often have you seen a decision or a choice being made without fully understanding the issue? It is only too often that such decisions are made. A clear understanding of the environment can help identify and differentiate between immediate issues and long term problems. Creating the appropriate solution & having a plan of action ought to be very specific.
While the customer's job is to shift through the dust and select the product/service that will address their needs, our's is to craft solutions that can & will address those needs. No solution is ever perfect, and the ability to analyze the planned versus the actual is critical. This allows for the  fine tuning of  the solution, always being mindful of the needs that are being addressed.
This is where our experience & expertise comes in. We have been helping a broad range of customers with solution creation, implementation, training & maintenance, for the better part of 20 years.

Jobs To Be Done

Example of things we can help with
While the issues may be similar on a broader scale, each and every client presents their own unique challenge. These shades of grey are what keep things interesting for us. Here are some examples of the things our customers have asked us to assist with:
  • Implementing software, specifically Daylite & Merlin Project
  • Learning how to integrate software into their day to day operations
  • Assess the state of their technology in order to help them update, upgrade & improve
  • Implement project management principles where none are being used
  • Assisting with creating greater efficiency in some or all aspects of their workflows
  • How to use Merlin Project to plan, budget, manage & track their project
  • Creating a collaborative data sharing experience
These are but a few examples. If there is business process or workflow issue/problem that needs attention, most likely  we have already addressed something similar, and can help. If it is something new, then even better. Nothing like uncharted territory to make a mark. Our experience, expertise and passion to innovate gets us across the finish line every time.

How We Get It Done

An Overview of Our Process
The first thing always is to understand what is at the heart of the matter. This happens through open and candid discussion, the right questions as we strive to zero in to the true needs. Because each client is unique, we don't have any standard set of questions or templates to work from. We approach each and every client with fresh eyes and a clear mind.  Our ability to understand the issues and phrase the questions in a way that is relevant to clients and help them properly articulate their needs is what enables us to do what we do.
Once we are comfortable that we have a well defined scope, we need to understand what it signifies. It is important to understand if there are other items that need to be added to the list or if we need to further investigate. Often the original requirements may merge with some others, or break down into several different set of requirements. We never know where our analysis will take us.
The task then becomes one of solution creation. Regardless of whether we are considering a completely new approach or modifying something that is already in place, the participation of all stakeholders is imperative. Too often choices are made at a higher level and by the time they filter down, they make absolutely no sense form the staff's perspective. If there is no stake in it, there will be no traction.
We focus on the solution, refining it until it truly addresses the needs that were identified. The task then is to implement this so that there is buy-in and acceptance. Once we can accomplish this, we can say that the job has been done.