We are a boutique consultancy specializing in Daylite ( CRM for Mac ) & Merlin Project ( Project Management for Mac ) software implementation, training and support. We also provide consulting services for business & workflow management, information technology as well as technical support services. Our business is built on trust, open communication & excellent service and solutions. We have a growing international client base, and a loyal base of domestic clients. We work on a word of mouth basis and therefore each & every engagement is just as important as any other.

About Us
Trusted Solution Providers & Partners
Professional Consultants, Implementers & Trainers
Trustworthy & Reliable
We believe that in order to have a good working relationship, there needs to be solid trust. Our relationship with you is not un-similar to that of a doctor & patient. All of our work for you and the data that we may come across is always confidential.
Leading Edge Expertise
Experience, Education & Training give a level of expertise that is exceptional. Our methods and speed in solving your issues are a testament to this.

Always Accessible
We are as accessible as you need us to be. We answer our phones during business hours, however we respond to text messages & email on a constant basis.
Fast & Efficient
We respond to most requests within 4 business hours. Emergencies are responded to within an hour.
Open & Transparent
Our invoicing is always clear & precise. While technology may be a puzzle for you, our invoicing ought not to be, and we like it that way.
About Atul Gupta
BS Computer Science, BA Business Management
MPPM Public Policy Management, MCRP City & Regional Planning
An experienced software trainer, with a deep knowledge and understanding of Merlin. Atul Gupta has been in private consulting for over 15 years. During that time he has been in senior positions within industries such as Defense, Systems Integrators, Entertainment & Higher Education. His work experience includes corporations such as, IBM Global Services, Northrop Grumman, & Time Warner AOL.
Teaching & sharing his knowledge is part of Atul is. His passion for your success comes though, as works hard to assist you with goals, be it implementing solutions or learning Daylite and/or Merlin Project.
The professional experience, education & passion for this work, Atul knows only too well the need to truly understand the requirements of his clients. This open exchange results in the creation of out of the box solutions that take every need into account.
Being at ease in front a crowd of one or many, and the ease with which he interacts with everyone makes Atul and ideal teacher. His approach is to make the material approachable by all. What's the use if no one can understand or follow along.