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We are a business consultancy serving a varied clientele for almost 20 years. We focus on solutions as the guiding principle in everything we do. No amount of software or workflow implementation, or training will help, unless they addresses the issues at hand. Keeping your business moving forward is what we strive for. We Assist clients around issues of  accountability, efficiency, productivity, and process management, using tools for Mac CRM & Mac Project Management, as well as IT consulting & support services.

Who we are . . .
Trusted Solution Providers & Partners
Trustworthy & Reliable
We believe that in order to have a good working relationship, there needs to be solid trust. Our relationship with you is not un-similar to that of a doctor & patient. All of our work for you and the data that we may come across is always confidential.
Leading Edge Expertise
Experience, Education & Training give a level of expertise that is exceptional. Our methods and speed in solving your issues are a testament to this.

Always Accessible
We are as accessible as you need us to be. We answer our phones during business hours, however we respond to text messages & email on a constant basis.
Fast & Efficient
We respond to most requests within 4 business hours. Emergencies are responded to within an hour.
Open & Transparent
Our invoicing is always clear & precise. While technology may be a puzzle for you, our invoicing ought not to be, and we like it that way.
Client Reviews
Atul and team are AWESOME! I have learned a lot from them and feel wonderfully support by them when I'm in need of assistance. I highly recommend them to everyone...
Excellent follow up and follow through - very knowledgeable.
I thought I had a pretty good handle on Merlin Project, but decided to attend a training as I had specific questions. Am I glad that I did, got my questions answered, and learned that there was so much more to  Merlin Project.
Absolutely the best. Atul Gives you all the tools and then some. He is passionate about teaching Merlin Project, and focused on your learning.
I feel 100% more confident in my ability to utilize ... Merlin Project...I would highly recommend Gupta Consulting to anyone looking to learn Merlin Project/Server.
What we do . . .
Professional Consultants, Implementers & Trainers
Award Winning CRM for Mac by Marketcircle. Daylite is not just another old CRM, but rather relationship management reimagined and refined. It has the potential of becoming the hub of your business, increasing productivity, accountability & team collaboration. Unlike many others, Daylite is crafted for your Mac desktop as well all your iOS devices, giving you the ability to stay in touch wherever you might find yourself, with or without connectivity. Now that is what we call a SOLUTION.


Merlin Project
Merlin Project is the foremost Project Planning software made exclusively for the MacOS & iOS created by ProjectWizards from Germany. This is a Mac only tool that will satisfy the needs of newbie project planners all the way to well seasoned ones. Don't let the single window architecture fool you. There is immense power packed under every link and tab. It will leave you speechless, in a good way. Learn all about Merlin Project.

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Business & Workflow
Selecting & implementing solutions are a necessary part of what we do, however our work is not complete until we have assisted you to integrate it all into workflows that make sense for your business.

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Do you have setup that is optimal to your needs? Is the hardware adequate to handle the tasks at hand? What will you need going forward and are you prepared for that? Is your data secure? We can sort it all out for you.

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Be it the Wifi that is slow, or the computers that are. Whether the printer isn't working or a computer has crashed. We can resolve these and almost all of your tech issues.

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Making the most of your investment can most often be a challenging & daunting task. Our various training options will get you where you need to be.

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