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We are a business consultancy serving a varied clientele for almost 20 years. We focus on solutions as the guiding principle in everything we do. No amount of software or workflow implementation, or training will help, unless they addresses the issues at hand. Keeping your business moving forward is what we strive for.We Assist clients around issues of accountability, efficiency,
productivity, and process management, using tools for Mac CRM & Mac Project Management, as well as IT consulting & support services. Our experience & knowledge of the MacOS, Daylite, Merlin Project & Business Management is what sets us apart from the rest.

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When looking for a solution, it is the norm to be offered a range of services that may or may not actually answer your specific need. Over the years it has become clear to us that this approach was not enough. Beyond finding a product or service that could suit ones needs, it is important to have the confidence that the actual job at hand would be resolved, resolved as permanently as possible.
This is a primary reason that when shopping around, customers have a hard time selecting between the many options. This is because they are not being offered something that they can actually compare. Customers are required to interpret what said serve or product can/will do, and thus solve their issue. Once the offer has been phrased in the dimension of a solution to the problem, the choice becomes easier. This way of doing things as at the heart of JTBD framework. JTBD has been around for a while, but only recently started to gain traction. We believe that it fits perfectly with the what & how we want work with our customers.
As a result of input from many sources, we are making a decisive shift towards working with our customers in more solution versus service/product based manner.

What does mean to you

Some examples
Imagine you wanted to say something like:
    • "I need to make a GANTT chart", however said "I need to share a project's status &  progress on a regular basis"
    • "I need to make sure that they all know when & where to be.", instead said "I need to manage the schedule of multiple people"
    • "why is my computer so slow"?, but said "We need faster internet"
    • "There is just too much going, we don't know what to do", and said "Action items are being forgotten, customers are upset with us."
As you can see the way something is phrased brings about a totally different conversation. It conveys something in a way that is specific to the moment yet gets closer to root of the issue. This is what we do. We will communicate with and train you to think big picture, rather than little picture.

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