The Interface

A very modern user interface, that is well organized, and easy to work in. With the myriad of customization options, you can truly suit it to your needs.

Work Breakdown

Activities, Milestones, Dependencies & Gantt Charts never looked so appealing.


A corner store of project planning, understanding the financial outlook could mean the difference between success and failure.


Proper management of resources, is just as important as financial capital. With Merlin, you get to do just that, with incredible ease.


An organic way of creating and organizing projects, can now be performed entirely within Merlin. No need to fuss with other applications.


A fundamental player in Merlin Project, giving us the ability to drill down and have a look at just about any piece of information about anything.


Often there is data that is needed, but does not fit in any place. For this we attachments. These give you the flexibility to keep all your data together and at your finger tips.

The Library

So often, we have repeat the same tasks over and over again. The Library is a place that allows us to park various type of objects that can be reused at anytime.


Once your project is in motion, reports can be generated. You can use the existing reports and modify them as you wish, or create totally new ones with bit of programming.

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