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April 4 | 9AM PST (UTC -8)
May 9 | 9AM PST (UTC -8)
June 13 | 9AM PST (UTC -8)

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March 12-16 | 9AM PST (UTC -8)
June 18-22 | 1PM PST (UTC -8)
July 11-17 | 9AM PST (UTC -8)


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Merlin Ecosystem

Merlin Project is the foremost Project Planning software made exclusively for the Mac. It is the best equivalent of Microsoft Project for Mac users. Joining Merlin Project are Merlin Go & Merlin Server, bringing a complete solution for all your needs. In addition, we can now offer Merlin Cloud services for an easy, no fuss project collaboration.


We have created multiple ways for you to experience Merlin Project, and even share your stories with us. Check our listings for Business Briefs, Complimentary Demos & join our MeetUp groups.


It's a beautiful interface, and is every bit as complex and feature rich. Can't figure out how to make Merlin Project do what you need, register for a training. We hold public trainings of Merlin Project. Get the most out of Merlin, start using the the best Mac Project Management software by attending one of our trainings. Succeed by mastering Merlin Project.


We are here to help you work through your implementation of Merlin in your environment. Whether it be remotely or on site, we can work with you to create a custom solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.


Upcoming Events

May 21

Mastering Merlin Project

May 21 / 9:00 am:5:00 pm PDT
May 29

Merlin Project Complimentary Demo

May 29 / 9:00 am:10:00 am PDT
Jun 04

Getting Started with Merlin Project

June 4 / 1:00 pm:2:30 pm UTC-8
Jun 12

Merlin Project Complimentary Demo

June 12 / 9:00 am:10:00 am PDT
Jun 14

Mastering Merlin Project

June 14 / 9:00 am:5:00 pm EDT

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